Upper Neches River Municipal Water Authority


How to obtain a permit from the UNRMWA for an On-Site Sewerage Facility

Fee: $150.00 residential
$300.00 commercial

Note: A Reinspection Fee Equal to one half of the permit application fee shall be assessed to the installer of record each time a reinspection is required.

Minimum lot size: 1/2 acre without well; one acre with well (contact Water Authority concerning lots that do not meet this criteria, but were platted prior to January 1, 1988).

* Certain types of systems require a Certification of OSSF Requiring Maintenance. Prior to pre-construction inspection, a completed Certification of OSSF Requiring Maintenance form must be filed in county clerk's office of the county where the property is located. A certified copy of the recorded document must be submitted to the Authority.

** Certain types of systems require a Maintenance Contract. A copy of a signed maintenance contract shall be provided by the owner to the permitting authority before the authorization to construct is issued. The initial written maintenance contract shall be effective for at least two years from the date the OSSF is first used. The OSSF shall be maintained and tested by the maintenance company holding the maintenance contract. The OSSF maintenance contract shall, at a minimum:

  1. list items that are covered by the contract;
  2. specify a time frame in which the maintenance company will visit the property in response to a complaint by the property owner regarding the operation of the system;
  3. specify the name of the individual employed by the maintenance company who is certified by the manufacturer of the system;
  4. identify the frequency of routine maintenance and the frequency of the required testing and reporting;
  5. identify who is responsible for maintaining the disinfection unit.

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